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Despite its staunchly unchanging fundamental design, the pencil as we know it is not perfect.


Whether it’s wood around graphite or a mechanically intricate “professional” tool, the user experience of a pencil has remained the same since 1858.  For 162 years pencils have had graphite on one end and a rubber eraser on the other.   However, when drawing or writing deepens into a flow and the process becomes inspired and focused, even something as seemingly trivial as stopping to flip your pencil over to erase stray marks can become cumbersome.  


Add to this the process of refilling lead in a mechanical pencil or worse, sharpening a traditional one, and what was a minor annoyance becomes a flow-killing distraction.  Quikraser eliminates each of those issues.


What <control+Z> provides for your digital workflow, Quikraser does for your analog one. To switch from marking to erasing, simply extend your index finger forward to push the eraser barrel past the graphite tip and erase. When finished, pull the eraser barrel to return it to its original position, snapping it into place magnetically.  This motion takes a fraction of the time and energy that flipping a pencil does. What’s more, with the opposite end of Quikraser now free of an eraser, refilling the lead becomes as simple as dropping it into the provided opening and letting it fall into the barrel, where it stays put due to a tapered funnel design.

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