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PhoneShade Light.png


Relinquishing a smartphone is becoming an increasingly monumental sacrifice as our phones become ever more engrossing, entertaining, and distracting - leaving us with crippled social interactions and straining personal relationships.   PhoneShade rewards us for putting our devices away by gently glowing into a cozy, beautiful accent light when we do.


To illuminate PhoneShade, a smartphone is placed in the space under its soft, translucent silicone shade, which activates the inductive charging circuit and simultaneously triggers the LED array to fade in at a relaxing, 10 second rate. This creates a slow, soothing experience that discourages frequent removal and replacing of the phone, instead rewarding the user with a beautiful accent light and charging for their device.


No other on/off circuit or physical switch exists to illuminate Phoneshade, and as long as the smartphone remains there in the shallow space beneath the shade obscured from sight, it encourages the user to be present and undistracted in the moment.


Through inductive charging, Phoneshade ensures your smartphone is charged and ready to go when you decide you need it back. A capacitive touch interface along the anodized aluminum or CNC machined hardwood base of Phoneshade lets you dim or select a different color of light to suit your mood and the setting.

Click here to learn more and see the prototype.

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