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This futuristic device was first conceived by client and tech company, Disrupt 2020, with the vision of a dual screen laptop that could be held and used from any angle. From there, it was our task to make it reality.

Immediately we looked towards a visual design that emphasized symmetry and simplicity with two screens that pivot along a central 270-degree hinge that also houses a swiveling, USB-C charging port.  Two 15.5 inch touch screens function as either separate screens or a single display depending on the user’s needs or use scenario, and have a matte coating to prevent glare, reflections, and minimize fingerprints.

The matte black exterior features a clean Disrupt logo chiseled into the lightweight aluminum enclosure and backed by a subtle mesh that serves as a vent port and a glowing focal point.  Matte black finishing on the outside and satin black on the inside draws the eye to the illuminated inner surfaces and eliminates reflections.

The device in its first iteration will run Windows 10 and come standard with a 250 gigabyte solid state drive, 8 gigabytes of RAM and an Intel or AMD chip.

Click here to enquire about a prototype demonstration or to place an order.

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