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The Oxbow is both a new take and a vintage spin.


The name 'Oxbow' references the full bend of the newly imagined tone arm and platter.  This full bend coupled with a rising curve gives the appearance that the record is floating in air.


This new body is crafted from mahogany and accented with polished or leafed metal for an eye-catchingly sleek but natural look.  The body has been crafted to provide the integrated speakers just the right amount of room to reverberate throughout for a rich sound while not disturbing the vinyl.  Additional wireless speakers can be placed throughout the room for a larger sound.  


The arm and platter can accommodate all sizes of records and its needleless system utilizes a laser eye which delivers none of the wear of a traditional stylus.


For parties and soirées or just calm nights enjoyed by yourself, the Oxbow brings all the warmth and cosiness of decades past in a new form that will surely be the centerpiece of your entertainment.

To learn more or to see the options, click here.

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