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Virtual Reality is plagued by headsets -- some that require an external device, some that just never sit right on your face, some that are overly expensive, and others that just look too good to be true.  Helix solves that.


Helix is an all-in-one Virtual Reality system -- well-balanced and physically sleek.  It utilizes flexible OLED screens and that immerses the eye without straining it.


A noise canceling cover that reduces sounds by 20 dB and allows external sounds to be ported in at a controllable volume if the user desires.  It contains dual jawbone microphones to ensure the user’s voice is captured without putting a microphone by the lips.  It can interface with a variety of handheld controllers as well as a proprietary design currently in development.


Helix puts the user in the virtual world without distraction.  Helix is the next step in VR Evolution.


In addition, an Augmented Reality headset is being developed that utilizes a glass shield, additional hearing protection, and optional throat mics for loud environments.

For more information and a technical look, click here.

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