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Traditional ceiling fans are dead.


Cut the fans blades in half.  Then cut them in half again.  What’s left is how much of the fan that actually does the work of circulating air in a compartment.  And that’s all we put in Halo’s unique system where the fan blades are more like links of a bike chain.


This design, coupled with jetted ports, allows the Halo to move massive amounts of air effortlessly and quietly.  It operates at variable speeds and is controlled by a small bluetooth controller that can be wall-mounted or stand alone.

Halo’s simultaneously organic and geometric form is derived from radially offset hexagons.  With no exposed moving parts, it is as much a sculptural focal point of a room as a functional feature.  The blades can be finished in a color that adds an accent of elegance as they reflect the light from within.


The Halo is available in multiple shapes and colors to accentuate the existing interior design.  Top and bottom soft LED lights allow for direct and indirect lighting and the controllable LED’s allow for different color temperatures depending on mood or time of day.


UV-C sterilization and HEPA filtration options available for those who wish for the Halo to double as a clean-air device, truly living up to its angelic name.

Click here to learn more and see what Halo can do.

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