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Drones take pictures, drones unlock the sky for hobbyist pilots, for video or picture, for industrial purposes or for package delivery.  Drones, drones, everywhere but not a place to land…


The Drone Pad, seen branded as the Prime Pad*, provides a stable, flat and illuminated surface to launch and land your package delivery drone.  Currently measuring 6 feet in diameter, the Pad can accommodate even the largest drones carrying the most expensive payloads.  LED’s give cues for visual landing, infrared strobes for automated landing and no-to-low-visiblity landing and built in GPS to allow you or the drone to locate the pad wherever it may be.  This is powered by four solar cells that feed a battery, in addition to hard-wired power.


A package compartment exists below the deck, locked and weather sealed, that can be opened by cellphone or by key FOB ensuring your packages are always kept safe.


Whether it be trees, tall grass, swampy ground, being far in the wilderness and needing a package or living in an apartment or row homes where the margin for error is small between your doorstep and another --  Drone Pad solves that problem.

To learn more, click here.

*Amazon Prime is a logo and trademark of Amazon,, Inc.  We are in no way affiliated with Amazon or Amazon Prime.

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