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A complete mask and sanitization system for the modern world.

The Defender Mask is a midway point between an N95 mask and a full respirator – it has the convenience and comfort of an N95 with the sure-fit seal and increased protection of a respirator. The second part of the system, the Defender Enclosure, is a sterilizing chamber that uses UV-C light to quickly decontaminate every component of the mask, all in a portable, self-contained package. This eliminates the waste produced by discarding used masks.

The mask’s components are molded of soft, medical grade silicone, making it comfortable to wear for long hours. With adjustable straps, interchangeable front filter pads, and replaceable components, the Defender mask can be reused continuously and across many applications. The absence of exhalation valves prevents emitted water droplets from potentially contaminating a sterile environment.

To test the mask’s seal against the user’s face, a specially fitted adapter attached to the front filter of the mask allows it to connect to a digital pressure system that measures the efficacy of the seal, ensuring that there are no air leaks, thus protecting both the user and the environment.

The Defender Case is assembled from aluminum sheet metal over 30mm x 30mm aluminum extrusion framework for ultimate durability no matter where the job takes you – a hospital, an ambulance, a construction site, or an emergency scene. Its surfaces, treated with antimicrobial zinc, are easy to wipe and sterilize.

The Case uses 12 UV-C 275nm LED diodes which are certified by the FDA to kill pathogens. FEP plastic cages for the mask components ensure minimal degradation and maximum light transmission, maximizing UV-C exposure for every surface of every mask component. The unit can be powered from both a traditional A/C adapter or a USB micro/USB-C connection.  Prototype available.

The Defender is always on guard.

Click here to learn more or request a demonstration.

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