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Crypto wallets are small and portable and allow users access to their currency.   These are vast improvements from basic hard-drives, which can lead to horror stories of people losing millions in crypto by misplacing a flashdrive.  Their drawback - they're just as easily lost as a flashdrive.


However, by providing a familiar, sturdy, and larger object to store and maintain crypto in the safest way, we can allow people to protect their investments in both physical and digital space, granting them absolute peace of mind.


We offer the VAULT in three different forms:


The Ledger - A throwback to the days where businesses literally “kept the books.”


The Vault - A stalwart, meant to be mounted - the most secure system available.


The Piggy - A design for the younger user or somebody who wants something a little softer.


Features included in each build are redundant physical drives, temperature and weather resistance, metal housing, battery and hardwire power, GPS in the event of theft, and fingerprint and PIN unlocking

The VAULT combines the decentralized independence of Crypto with the safety and grounded security of a traditional vault — more durable and familiar than existing wallets.  Anybody can lose a wallet but few people could lose a vault.

To learn more about the project and be involved, click here.

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