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The Buell 1125 series motorcycles were the company's last hurrah of Rotax-powered, twin-cylinder sport bikes before they ceased operations in 2011. With only about 3000 1125CR models produced between 2009-2010, this modern cafe racer has retained its popularity among Buell enthusiast for its dynamic handling, powerful engine, and unique looks.

The stock model features Buell's signature underslung muffler which helps keep weight low and centered, increasing the bike's agility, but also visually serves to lower the bike's silhouette to the ground, an aesthetic suited for a high-performance road bike. However, with an aftermarket exhaust upgrade that is frequently done to these machines, the large muffler is replaced with a downpipe and a smaller muffler. The result, from a visual standpoint, appears to increase the bike's "ride height" from the ground and diminishes its low-slung, sporty appearance.

The custom "CavaNero" chin spoiler is designed to add back that sporty, aggressive visual aesthetic by fitting over the aftermarket exhaust system piping and features  styling that accents the bike's existing bodywork, while also adding some aggressive modern surface treatments.

The custom "unibody" upper fairing combines the side-mounted radiator fairings with the "windscreen" fairing, and features an aggressive daytime running LED as well as LED headlamps. Incorporating the electronics and wiring into this fairing assembly means that its combined weight will be removed from the front fork where it originally mounts, reducing steering weight for more responsive characteristics.

Prototype available.  Click here to learn more or order.

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