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Be careful what you breathe.   Vapes may a blessing to cigarette smokers who look to quit but they can also be a curse as some contain harmful chemicals, mystery metals, and other contaminants - and their nicotine solutions have been just as bad, if not worse.  

But not this vape, this one is special...

The Breathe No Evil is manufactured in the USA, only allowing materials that are meant to stand high heat applications at their molecular level. The inside is ceramic and organic hemp and the outside is wood, medical grade silicone, and hemp plastic.

In form, the Breathe No Evil (BNE for short) was modeled off of a traditional African coconut pipe and the interior borrowing the best parts from the bong and vape.  Using an interchangeable chamber insert, the user can burn hemp flower or oil.  After burning, the smoke is routed through  a water chamber to make sure the smoke is cool and smooth when it hits the user’s lungs.

The BNE team has done extensive research on the chemical components and our burn chamber is perfectly calibrated to ignite the CBD or THC at their ideal temperatures -- that means no denatured oils or horrible burned bits.  The Breathe No Evil maximizes the output and efficiency so you’ll get to enjoy the substances the way they were meant to be.

The entire device is easily disassembled and cleaned with simple soap and water or rubbing alcohol


We’ve partnered with Jesse Ganefra of Botana Organics to help bring the Breathe No Evil to life.  You can see the Botana Organics website here.


To learn more about the device or to help us, click here.

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