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Infinity Table_____________222222222222222___fini.png


Aperion is a Greek word meaning "unlimited," thus a fitting title for a table inspired by the infinity symbol.


The wooden base is made of bent and stained birch in the visage of the infinity shape. The curves and angles of the base allow for natural resting spots for everyday objects.  On top, a misty pane of glass sandwiched between two clear sheets gives depth and complexity to the table.


Apeiron can be configured as a coffee table or as a small kitchen table by flipping the base and applying a different set of silicone rests to the wooden base.  The silicone rests come in many different colors.


Optionally, the table top can also be smoked glass or marble and the base can be stained coffee brown or cherry to accent the room in which Apeiron resides.

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