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An athletic trainer approached us with an idea for a machine that could train both an athlete’s agility and reaction time, noting a stark absence of such products in the marketplace.

At its core, Adroit is a ball-launching device that randomizes and obscures the trajectory and timing of launches.  Unlike other machines, Adroit allows athletes to react and move in sport-specific ways through “controlled randomness.”  By setting general parameters for ball delivery, an athlete can then benefit from training both their reaction time as well as the agility needed to complete a movement or skill.

Adroit uses high-torque electric motors to deliver balls up to fifty feet away and within seventy-five degrees of center.  Settings can be controlled and tuned through a user interface located on both the machine itself as well as a connected smartphone, allowing athletes to train solo as well as with a coach.

The proprietary ball design used with Adroit accommodates the skills required by all sports — six centimeters in diameter, with a spongy but firm rubber outer surface, and a density that balances good flight characteristics with safety in case of impact with the athlete.

Click here to enquire more and see the prototype.

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